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Life is about creating yourself...

Life is not about finding yourself...


The Sacred Cow Yoga Studio is run by Bonnie Preston. Completing over 38 years of study and 4 years of Iyengar teacher training.

She is also a fully qualified IYTA teacher, with 1.5 years of study with the International Yoga Teachers Association. 

Bonnie is available for
Private Classes for small groups and individuals
Meditation Classes    •    Corporate Classes  

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After an extensive overseas journey, during which Bonnie studied with some of the most revered yoga teachers of our time. She has returned with a wealth of new knowledge and experience to share.

Now in this time of uncertainty, Bonnie is continuing the important work of assisting students to maintain, or even commence, a home practice with friendly, local classes to inspire.




"Bonnie is gentle, kind and humble.  She has a wealth of information, accumulated over 30 years, which she just loves to share with her students. Beginners to yoga, do not be afraid to join one of her classes. Her explanations are straight forward and easy to follow. She makes a point of never embarrassing anyone and corrects your efforts in a subtle and kind manner. "                                                                                                

- Ann

"Absolutely continues to be the best yoga experience I've had - and I've been practicing with Bonnie for 8 years - learning something new every time we practice. "                                            

                                      - Susan

"Bonnie's classes revitalise my physical, emotional and spiritual bodies so I can continue being the best person I can be."                

                                       - Cassie

"Bonnie personifies yoga - the essence, the practice and the connection with day-to-day life. By skillfully combining the spiritual, physical and physiological elements of yoga through carefully structured sequences of poses. Bonnie gives her students a safe yet challenging yoga practice within a truly nurturing environment. Raw beginners to regular yoga practitioners can benefit from Bonnie's considerable expertise and her warm and supportive teaching style."

                              - Suzanne

"Over the past 2 years I have been attending the most wonderful yoga classes that I could have wished for. The reason for me feeling this way is due to the most peaceful, knowledgeable and exceptional teacher, Bonnie Preston. I have been to many teachers of yoga over the past 27 years of practice and to have found Bonnie has brought the whole practice of yoga to another level. Bonnie has the ability to bring peace and the feeling of nurturing your body and soul throughout the class."                                


                                       - Angiela

"The best yoga class I've ever been to! Bonnie is the only teacher who I know that creates the perfect harmony between mind, body & soul!"  


                                  - Sarah

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