In Metta - Loving Kindness

September 5, 2018



What do you see when you look into the world?

Close your eyes, and do you see the same in you? 


Have you ever had a conversation with someone you've never spoken to before, and seems like you're going through similar things, or have been through similar? Or had a plan or idea and when speaking to these people they've had a similar idea or plan? 


*** This is the collective union of our souls as human beings. We are all the same star dust with different ingredients of love, happiness and light that makes up our unique gifts for this world. And this is how we shine! 


Disconnection from the mental-ness of our thoughts, and Connection to all that is, to Discover where our light is needed, to Create the world we walk in. I don't believe we are here to be successful in material things or to evolve with degradation toward our beautiful earth and beings. Sustaining our self, and encouraging growth on earth and in heart. 


If you had the opportunity to share a  smile with someone today, what would you do? 


If you had the opportunity to give someone words to change their life, what would you say? 


If you had the opportunity to show someone kindness, how would you? 


If you were told you can do this every day of every moment, would you? 


And this is where the loving kindness of human beings is sprung, in the deepened reciprocation of being able to help or assist another from pain and suffering.


I believe that everyone in this world wants to make it better, or kinder, or more loving, more beautiful, filled with happiness, smiles and laughter, everyday. I don't believe there is one person in this world who really wants it to be dark, scary, painful and cold. We are all seeds, wanting to sprout our beauty and gifts into this world, all we seek is warmth and nurturing. Creating a forest full of vibrant, balanced, nourished, growing, supported, loved and peaceful tress...metaphorically... human beings!


We all have different views, and this is where I feel everyone in the world needs to practice yoga. Because when we learn to practice on ourselves first, and see/feel/hear/think/taste the benefits ourselves, to then be able to share them with others. 


When we heal ourselves, we want to show others how to heal also. We see the beauty in the world when we see the beauty in ourselves and we also serve

 our soul when we serve our fellow "mates".


How can you change the world?

By changing yours and practicing yoga!


In metta beautiful hearts 


Namaste x

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In Metta - Loving Kindness

September 5, 2018

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