August 1, 2015


Have you noticed, that when you understand how Yoga is helping; having an impact our life - let's say in our day to day life - in ways we can not have imagined when we set our first foot onto the Yoga mat, that we want to share this good news, this AMAZING practice, with those we care about, and those we see suffering more than they need to?


Well maybe not all of us...but I would venture a guess..many of us do...I do...But it's the old 'lead a horse to water thing'.... again.....And I guess it's time once gain to forgive our humaness....I guess we could all ask ourselves if we are doing everythng we can to care for our "one wild and precious life" to quote poet Mary Oliver.


Dare I say, most of us have figured out that we cannot buy our way to happiness, or deep peace and stillness.  But maybe, just maybe, when we have felt this way, when we begin to notice both on the mat and off, we are more at peace, even happier, and we know that has been our pratice that has led us here..of COURSE we want to share....I think...we are moved by a natural human kindness to share...





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