Sammy Morgan

2IC & Instructor (Principal in Bonnies Absent)


Sammy has been an experienced and qualified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor since 2010.

Before this, Sammy was 109Kgs with Diagnosed Depression and Anxiety, on the waiting list for 2 Knee Reconstructions (since 2005) and developing signs of scoliosis and degeneration of the spine. This was all before the age of 20. After seeing a very confronting photo of herself at 19 being 109kgs, it became apparent to Sammy that it was time for change.

Physical changes were becoming obvious, and the subconscious state of her mindset began to flourish. Sammy lost 40kgs in 3 months, clothes sizes changed from 2XL to Medium, she quit her job as a Book Keeper and started her journey with a Cert IV in Fitness. From here, Sammy has solely established a successful business and reputable name for herself in the Somerset Region, with Sammy’s Fitness launch in 2013.


In 2015, Sammy was introduced to the Sacred Cow Yoga Studio and Bonnie!


“I felt like this was another part of my path in life, like something was grabbing me from the Solar Plexus and pulling me to where I was meant to be … unbeknown to me at the time, it was that feeling of coming home!”


A new light on life was shown to Sammy with regular practising, which sparked her interest in starting her 350hr Yoga Teacher Training, and ultimately to the place she is now!

“Again, it was like I’d found the Holy Grail and was drinking from the cup every practise. I knew with every cell, that this Studio, these Yogis, and Bonnie… well… that I had finally ‘SHOWED UP’ and I’m present in my life. I wanted to also share this with others… the ability to SHOW UP for life”

Sammy has only practised in HATHA Yoga and Bonnie has been her only Yoga Teacher, but with her passionate knowledge of the body and Anatomy, Sammy also follows the philosophies of Iyengar, Paramahansa Yogananda, Rolf Gates, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and many unnamed teachers of peace, happiness, harmony and kindness.

Sammy is 350HR Yoga Teacher Trained, unsure as to how far she will journey with her practice, but will continue to practise until the last breathe.

Kids yoga is facilitated by Sammy, she has a background in child development, specifically encouraging overall health and wellness, and has a personal passion encouraging others into a healthy happy and balanced lifestyle.

Sammy is a big kid at heart, and first hand is aware of how scary and big the world can be, if conditioned in this way, but is also passionate about incorporating a view that the world is not at all scary and can be magical if you see the Wonder in your own creations.

“Its not a job for me, this is my lifestyle. I believe in creating the change you wish to be in the world, and my passion is to encourage others to create the world they wish to walk in, with Love, Compassion & Kindness.”

Sammy has been working with developmental needs and early education programs since 2010, with extensive knowledge around the physical & mental connection for healthy bodily & mind function.

“I open and accept all that is to be, the experience of life will always yield Love!”


...Life is about



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